I once thought that when you miss someone too much you’ll eventually run out of “misses” to ever miss them again. How wrong was I? I’ve been listening to some nice sappy songs a while ago and I opened my old college journal.

Wrong move because I spent the next two hours reading broken sentences that made so much sense back then. I’ve spent a couple of pages dedicating my thoughts to love and it’s always amusing to read and re-read them all over again.

I came across a page where I listed things I missed about a certain boy and I suddenly miss him all over again. Funny, because we never ever held hands, watched a movie, spent the night alone with the stars or something like that, but he was awesome. He loved Star Wars like I did and he was totally addicted to books and random movies.

We were also different. I had my nose on my academics and he was at times the boy who had his head in the clouds. Nevertheless he was the culprit of my sweetest poetry.

He was the first boy I ever loved too much. I broke some of the rules for him. He made me realize that love is fun and not overly-dramatic. Our conversations were so random but I cherished them like my favorite book.

My favorite fairy-tale had always been “Princess and the Pea”. It’s a normal love story without towers or dragons to slay, the story’s about a prince looking for a princess. He eventually found this girl in the rain, they fell in-love and all the girl had to do was impress her new mother-in-law by sleeping in a pile of mattress with a pea under it. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Love never fails but I’m pretty sure I failed love a million times. I know what true love already is and I finally realize that no boy can ever give me that. Neither will I ever give the truest love to any boy I’ll meet.

But I’m certain that I know how to love someone. I know how to hold their hand and how to let it go. I’m a good listener now and my time management skills have been improving.

Now I fully understand that I’ll fall in-love only when I find it unnecessary. That out of the cataclysm of school and work, I’ll find someone that will never impose their existence but will just gradually make my heart better with or without them.

Love never did ask for anything in return and so did he.


Train Rides

His body was distant from his soul and his heart was out of tune. For a moment he was certain of what he felt, but as expected he threw away a love he was most certain of. He was tired of dreaming, restless of those quite moments that remind him so much of why stars had to shine. 

For him, the moon no longer holds a mystery. Every puzzle life had to offer was only a nonchalant offer. He’d love to rewind time. While drinking his usual doze of nostalgia, he remembered the rainy days shared with long conversations, the crimson afternoons spent exploring the heart of the city without limitations. His heart can love again. But as he thought to himself another risk, he politely declined.  

Popcorn, Pie and People

ImageWho knew popcorn could bring so much nostalgia. Took this picture during our Cultural Night at Ball State. Muncie is famous for 5 P’s: Popcorn, Pie, Pizza, Peaches and something, I forgot.


Sugar Cream Pie also known as Hoosier’s Pie, this is the official pie of Indiana, our homestay mom helped in perfecting this recipe with some BSU students.


This is the best. People with different beliefs, backgrounds, political orientations come together and smile like there’s no tomorrow. I miss them badly, will see them soon though, sending you all my love SUSI 2012.