*Heavy breathing, it’s been way back since my last blog post that I actually forgot how blogs work anymore. Well, you post stuff, things you like and dislike, express yourself in any manner that involves words, pictures, sounds, etc.

I forgot how little is much and how much is little in the blogging world. I’ve been reading my past blogs lately and some of them aren’t that bad but most of them are selfish or triggered by my defense mechanism to deal with my insecurities. Now that I’ve settled my personal issues. Char. I’m gonna write about honest things, about how I really feel or think. No more pretentious crap about the universe or about romanticizing sadness and glorifying regret (I will be tempted though).

I’m looking forward to things that I’ll be learning while writing and open my soul for correction. Discovery isn’t a way street and even math has poetry (I like Algebra). I didn’t understand that either. I definitely want this blog to be nothing but honest. Maybe I’ll sensationalize things here and there but may it be a reflection of what is trying to be good.