Hodgepodge 2.0

My thoughts are flying again and it went to your direction. I’ve given up the utopia of sleep only to shed light upon these messy conclusions of mine. I am alive yet this life support has given me no defense against the mysteries of space and time.

My room is so messy I don’t even sleep on my bed. Books piled under my cabinet, pillows on the floor and dreams on the ceiling. It’s two in the morning and my heart worries about the sanity of my stuffed turtle I happen to name “Crew”. I think I’ll get a real turtle next week but I’m really afraid that when it dies I’ll have separation anxiety.

I hope this Christmas will be better compared to my two previous holidays. I wish someone would teach me how to tune a guitar or how to knit, like Aunt Sui. I’m sleeping on the floor only to realize it isn’t half bad the ants are a problem though. I never sleep with a fan on, if I do I’ll have a cold and a sore throat in the morning 100 percent, same thing when I sleep in inns or hotels. 

There’s this kid at church that wanted me to make a paper airplane for her. I thought I got it right but I still don’t know how to make paper airplanes. I think raisins should be illegal, I hate them. I also sort of hate capers too. If I were to marry any fictional character I think it would be Peter Pan. I don’t know, I just like him and stuff. 

I wish I could go anywhere I want anytime or snap my fingers and the book I want to read would magically appear right in front of me. Life is so tired of us, I think. When will Iloilo have a 7/11 franchise? When will the BIR stop it’s nonsense? When will I meet you random nonchalant person in law school? 

I like nerds and runts, those are tarty treats I love. I miss airheads and marbels and fun dip. I’m not really a fan of chocolate, I remember eating peanut covered chocolate and I’d only eat the peanut then keep the chocolate in the fridge and give them to papa after he comes home from his trips. 

My mom is the coolest person ever. No doubt about that, love her to the bone. Some people don’t like their mothers, others would exchange them for someone else on the spot but I’d never do that too mine. She’s far too loved by me to be ever replaced. 

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