A lazy dreamer with a heavy heart

He counts his loss and grief

A knock upon his soul

Like that of spring and summer

The secret of the tide

Blew him far away

He lost all hope and wonder

Broken skies and empty tears

Accompanied his walk

He decided to look back

Never was he alone

Chance & Kicks

Sometimes I’m amazed at how some people can be nonchalant and iridescent at the same time. My eyes wander in the spectacle of their charade and I end it with an open-ended conclusion. It’s very much certain then that I definitely want to ask these people tons of questions. Most of them are strangers though so it’d be pretty awkward to ask them up front however it’s not a complex process because most of them are very nice. Anyways here’s the list of random questions I want to ask the particular you know. Yeah, I’ve been on/off about it in twitter.

1. What’s your favorite book?

2. Is your name of foreign origin?

3. Tea or coffee?

4. Paper or pen?

5. How often do you blog?

6. Have we met before?

7. How’d you become so nonchalant yet prismatic?

8. You hate noise, don’t you?

9. Do you know the story behind 7/11?