Dear Jester

If I’m not mistaken the first time I saw you was in high school, it was during a press conference where, you joined the editorial writing contest while I joined feature writing. Lol, I also believe that we joined the same extemporaneous speaking contest somewhere (I forgot). Then our paths like met during college, we were oblivious to each other’s existence until our final year of college came. We became group-mates in that Unilab project thing and we joined the same seminars, programs, etc. I think Sir. Ricky saw our synergy, that’s why he paired us up. He’s the major reason why we got to know each other better, we should totally thank him.

It was really during SUSI that we got to know each other more. I can still recall that we paid that lady Php 200 so that she could keep our flashdrives before we went inside the US Embassy (hambal ya bi di pwede sa sulod) to get our visas, those times where we crammed to catch our flights and the deadlines. Those long taxi rides that took forever. I admit I first perceived you as a very very very serious and smart super smart, as in guid ya, person. I see you most of the time at the CMC Council and you seemed strict but a very efficient student leader I must say, Hihi and outspoken.

P.S. You are really really smart, hehe.

During SUSI, I really considered you as my brother. We had each other’s back. If something went wrong I’d always tell you first. Hehe, we even talked about our heart’s contents sharing them with glee, recounting memories and thinking of what pasalubong to bring back to the people we love. You saw how hostile my pillow fights were with Eduard (I miss Edard na) and how I didn’t like chocolate but still bought tons of them as pasalubong. You know what I look like after a 14-hour flight and an 18-hour bus-ride, haha.

We even saw our roomates fall in love with each other (Mille and Mathan) hihi. We were always together sa mga outdoor trips during SUSI (Si Edard kag Anthony mga free-spirit, roaming around on their own while Mille was with Mathan). During the BSU Gym tour we told ourselves we’d be there early the next morning because many “things” got our attention, and the tour guide, yeah he was so gwapo, Lol.

We both compared the New York harbor to Manila Bay and grabbed all the flyers we could, Haha. We watched Wicked and totally sang “Defying Gravity’ for two straight days. Remember that video where we sang “At The Beginning” and we just laughed our hearts out (nobody understood what we were laughing about, hehe). Kag ang sa Chinese Resto nga we were so full that di na mo na matakud ang seatbelt mo, haha.

I can still vividly remember that Filipina who gave us a discount at the UN. When we went sa New York Times we pretended that we were attending a job interview. Lol, and how can we forget about Tita Baso? Lol, Alexandria offered us tons of memories, Ang Thai Resto bala, nga we asked the counter if the dish was too spicy and she said it wasn’t but we consecutively had to ask for five pitchers of water because it was too hot, Lol. I could like go on, but words won’t be enough.

One of best thing about SUSI was that I came home with you as a friend. We struggled to catch-up with our academics and council work, but it was a fun experience (I think, hehe). I can clearly remember 14 hours before graduation, I was working on my thesis and you and Carl helped me. Lol, it was like 3:00 AM, and you guys were there, that was a really awesome moment, knowing that people are willing to help you in the wee hours of morning, when you guys should be home na celebrating and stuff. That was one of the major highlights of my college life. (I was super late sang graduation, hehe). Because of you guys the CMC Council also became my home (sometimes I spend more time there than the USC, hehe, kis.a malang)

There are times when I wonder what we have in common and I still have no answer but most probably we clicked as friends because we both loved to travel, we loved what life had to offer and we both love our college very much, hehe (nostalgia).

Anyways I wrote this to say Happy Birthday! As I’m writing this, I’m happy and sad at the same time, sad because I can’t personally greet you but I’m happy because I know that wherever you are you’re always excelling and making people laugh with your awesome humor. I’m sending you my sincerest prayers. Lol, I really miss you and I hope that we continually be part of each other’s life. Like someday, when I get married you have to be there with Carl and Sir Ricky, ikaw sponsor sang veil thing or whatever that is, hahahaha.

Your family is very lucky to have you. I’m very lucky to have you as a friend. You’ve inspired tons of people and you’ll continually be doing it for sure. Wishing you all the best!

Tons of love.

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