You don’t have to drive too far.



Midterm exams sort of over! Hi there big ugly yellow couch we might as well reminisce those lucid intervals involving two packs of skittles. Hey there life, I bet those minuscule moments of not following instructions will go beyond the epiphany of being sent to the underworld again.

Let my thoughts be jealous of the intricately woven fates of the favorites. Those words standing like brick walls made me shudder, they tell tales that make words trample actions. I love that tale too much to realize that I really don’t. Let’s emphasize the importance of now shall we? Let’s pretend that people are honest. Although we know that they all just either lie less or more than us.

Star Wars Marathon ya’ll, maybe we can all relate to Darth Vader. Maybe we all lost something to be someone else. And it’ll take another series of hope to die and live again to be reminded that who we are is all that we need to be (unconsciously). Some people are sick of being happy, it became too common, like breathing. It’s nice to be thirsty from time to time, but it’s deadly to fall in love with the drought. ¬†Our minds are always off somewhere. This lifetime, this is not my home. With eternity in mind, we’ll either be home for good or lost forever.