We ran all over the city streets with hearts fully open to the possibilities of life. Under the witness of both sorrow and happiness, our spirits felt the infinite rush of love. We ran so fast that our hearts forgot to beat in unison with time.

Your eyes glistened, outshining the stars while I blushed at the symphony of the midnight breeze blowing my sadness away. The empty, dark and cold alleys became our playground. They became our comfort amidst the threat of shadows.

As the night hushed us to silence, you whispered your secrets and I whispered mine. We looked at the mysterious questions of life, challenged and belittled them as if we knew the answers. And for a second, we even thought that we were the answers. How mistaken were we?

We laughed at our foolishness, at our seemingly untarnished youth. We laughed at our unrequited love as if it never existed. We were so drunk with the future that we gladly gave up our past just to live it in our fleeting present.

No goodbyes were said, for we never even met. Instead we slowly woke up from the bliss of one another alone. We fell into the harsh reality of beautiful imperfections, of heartbreak and its bliss. Living as if the streets are no reminder of our ecstasy, as if fate decreed that our meeting was an insult to the universe.

A tinge of memory was however left from our unlikely meeting, a reasonable excuse, a sober memory. To forget was of no use, for it is useless to forget what never happened. It is however very useful to be reminded of what is bound to endure.

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