Still Amidst the rush of the current, I found a little treasure and called it home. It was neither too heavy for me to lift nor too light to be blown away. A reckless thought came, like an uncertain wanderer trying to find thirst in a sea of dreams. Perhaps, the journey of my hope stills awaits a reconciliation with danger.

The thrill of life is euphoric. When one is working her way towards a dream, it seems that all the stars are in their place and salient moon is perfect. Like a pale silhouette covering midnight,  it reminds me of friendship lost and triumphed.

How many friendships have been broken by the pursuit of love? I know of two, one an account of two strangers bounded by their curiosity, the other fell in-love with the thought of their sleepless nights. While the other fell in-love with their friendship.

Such accounts are tragic but reasonable. How the chess pieces move to where they should be, how life breathes in the happiness of those who will give up everything for the attainment of their dreams.

Then again, true love will never let one give up on their dreams. Love is not a selfish and it never will be. The accounts of those two friendship who were supposed to be ruined by love may be infatuation not genuine emotion. For even at the denial of amity can never trample friendship if it is laden with respect.

My eyes tire at the sight of winding road ahead of me. So many miles stretch out like endless horizons of fate. I lie awake not with the promise stars but with the faith I cling on so tightly.

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