She called herself September
And cloaked herself with dreams
Fell in-love with unknown danger
And his worn-out seams

She danced with stars half-fading
Humming them goodbye
Tricked them all to falling
She wanted an empty sky

She wished for hope to greet her
Prayed from dusk till dawn
She wished for one great sober
Till all her guilt is gone

She walked lost but happy
With danger well away
But her dreams got lost and angry
For her sight was bad and grey

She consoled her love for living
She pleaded for a chance
But her thoughts strayed in dying
Time has stolen her last dance

She paid the price of happiness
Awake in empty nights
Thinking this love was endless
She traded all her flights

She was now without fire
Her soul was cold and dim
The pain of life so dire
The bliss of losing him

She called herself September
As she kissed her hopes goodbye
A memory of life’s another
A gleaming ugly lie

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