These past few days I’ve been thinking of the perfect time to thank God for everything he has done for me. I kept on waiting for the right moment, when my mind is free from stress and my heart relieved from all burdens. With so many cataclysms of problems I’m facing I felt like thanking when the torch of victory is finally mine. Then again, my sleepless nights brought about by concern have led me to be thankful despite the urgency of my worries.

God, thank you, for all that you’ve done. For letting me accomplish things I never thought I could. For healing my pain and comforting by empty nights. No words can suffice the gratitude of my heart. Thank you that despite death’s knock on my door every morning, I smile with hope, without fear nor uncertainty.

Thank you, for all my victories and my failures. I will never be the person I am today without your love and your favor. I owe you everything and I rest on you my true happiness. The world will never understand what I’m going through. And they never will, but it doesn’t matter. I rest my cares on you, my God, my Shalom.