An inescapable invite

The thoughts of a former lover
Suffer the bliss of brilliance
In blossom’s undercover
A secret scent of distance

While winter blows her kisses
His words become her flesh
His tears become her wishes
His wounds become her mesh

They trap a weary wanderer
Whose heart begins to ache
A little doubt of character
A little taste of heartbreak

When subtle tones of patience
Admit their lost regret
They succumb forth allegiance
Of once a clouded-debt

Of cold melancholy
The wanderer’s dreams reside
A prayer upon the lonely
His shattered hopes denied

T’was but a tale in heaven
Where all the angels whispered
Of love repeated never again
To be lost, to be remembered

What cost does love demand?
A life, a soul, a brother
How long can one withstand?
Its constant need for hunger

Only the brave will conquer
Though he cannot decide
Tis then his love will wither
Swept away by tide

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