Come a little closer, flicker in flight, we’ll have about an inch space.The vacuous night steps aside to give meaning to Gemini’s dreaming. The moon on it’s back and the seemingly veiled rooms lit by the same star. – Gemini by Spongecola

There’s nothing my eyes love more than a mystery. I stare up at the sky, not knowing what great sights are out there. I marvel at God’s omnipotence that the more I don’t understand the world, the more I find purpose in living in it.

A week ago I witnessed a meteor shower, I saw 27 meteors (yes, I counted them) sewing the sky with luminescence, with sweet turmoil. I held my breath as each of them pace across and endless canvass of darkness. Twas a fairytale ordained by nature. A marriage of light and dark, how many lucky hearts have witnessed such feat? Not enough.

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