Professional Ethics

Smoke filled the air as sirens howled in twilight. La Paz is clouded with smoke. People watch as their homes burn along with memories forged throughout their childhood – broken.

On the other hand cameras echo the air, recorders flood. And while all these commotions take place an offended mother curses a journalist while pushing him aside to cover her daughter’s eyes.

 Much has been said about journalism and its ethics.  Truly, one can distinguish morality from professionalism. Most times however, both are not on the same page.

As a future journalist I have yet to encounter such a choice between the two but I believe establishing values in my future career would be of great help.Responsibility, in my opinion, is the most essential value of a journalist. It is but important that he takes full account of his words and his actions. A journalist writes not for himself but for the others – a crucial role.

Responsibility however is not enough. A journalist must have credibility, excellence, trust, service, courage – the list goes on. As assumed one journalist doesn’t have the same set of values as the other.

Journalism has its code of ethics, objective platforms of values on how a journalist should act. Catering this thought, it is also important to create and develop personal values you as a journalist will cling. For me faith is important, faith in God and faith in the articles that I write. Believing and assessing them for the development and consequence, for boon or bane, ethics may be far from the content of faith but at times it is your faith that will determine you ethics.

He must be fair, airing both sides without subjectivity and disseminating information for the benefit of society. He must always speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A journalist must give voice to the voiceless and not impose their opinion on the opinions of others. He should be not of himself but of others.

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