A Hero’s Ovation (Part I)

Carrying his heavy bag he passed by a big apse as his mind wanders the great question of destiny. Paving way for curiosity, he paused, took a deep breath and smiled at the notion of his future.

Mark Wilfred Popioco was an ordinary student. Then again one must say that he did extra-ordinary things. I first met him in my freshmen year at West Visayas State University. He was tall, domineering yet sweet and passionate words would always overflow from his heart whenever he intertwines words on paper. I had the privilege of knowing him as our Editor-in-Chief in our publication, and there I saw who he was as a person – who he was as a leader.

He has always modeled the way for everybody. Certain about his philosophy in life, he stood as the beacon of the publication, sharing his ups and downs, making sure that one will always learn from them. He served as my role model ever since the day he told me why he took the path of the Fourth Estate.

Listening, I admit, wasn’t always his best strength, but he always gives the privilege of understanding your ideas though at times you feel miniscule when sharing it. He challenges us to take initiative and to overcome obstacles, small or big ideas will always make a difference according to him.

“Nong” Mark inspired me in many ways I can’t even remember. He taught me to love writing, read books, tons and tons of books. He always spoke of commitment to what one is doing. That there is great strength in loving what you do and doing what you love, no words would suffice how much he had encouraged me to choose the hard path of leadership, how much he had inspired me to achieve more that what is expected. I had always been blessed that I met him.

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