A Home away from Home

Much has been said about the definition of a “family”. They come in varied shapes and sizes with diverse beliefs, opinion and faith yet they hold the same concept of love passed down from one generation to another regardless if you came from the same gene pool or not.

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of staying in a loving american home owned and I must say built by Sherly Swingley [She is the Internship Coordinator of the Department of Journalism at BSU] Her humble house with a quaint exterior is a sight, her backyard garden with hibiscus, roses, tiny cherry, tomatoes, asparagus and other vegetables had shown her green thumb and her passionate endeavor to appreciates the simple things in life.

The inside of her house left me breathless. Antiques on the walls, fossils, a collection of authentic Ball Brother glass jars, it gave so much history as if the the paintings would talk to you about the colorful past of Muncie. Also, the room I slept in was of noble bliss. It was a home who gave more than expected.


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