Interview Hypothesis

Interviewing people is a skill one has to develop, it can’t be attained by a one time shot neither is it a product of serendipity. What will probably challenge me in the interview is finding a spot where I socially and culturally am parallel with my interviewee. Shyness can be problem, unexpected instances may occur and the fact that this is a historical tradition I’m totally new with. I might be distracted with the moment, the fireworks, the picnic, the jolly atmosphere that I forget the purpose of my interview.  And maybe so will they, maybe they’d rather enjoy their corn on a cob than talk to a total stranger asking them questions.

I’ll probably research about the interview venue as well as the historical account of the event. Drafting my questions earlier would be of good use and practicing with the recorder. I don’t know but practicing in the mirror might work, I’m just not sure. I’ll probably pray a lot – it is challenging to let someone share their stories with you, better yet trust you to retell them again.

2 thoughts on “Interview Hypothesis

  1. Hi, Kez! I hope that by drafting your questions before the event, you were able to conduct effective interviews. And if you ever intend to be in front of the camera, I highly recommend the tactic you mention here: Practicing in front of a mirror can significantly improve your performance, in my humble opinion.

  2. Thanks Adam, your lecture really helped improve my interview skills, hope it’s reflected in my story. Learned a lot from you especially from your energy and enthusiasm in class. Thanks 🙂

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