All is well

Saw this in one of my  folders. After watching ‘3 Idiots’ – an Indian movie staring Aamir Khan, I had the drive to him a letter. And this was the ‘supposed letter’ I was going to send him long ago. I can’t even remember when I wrote this. Maybe two years ago? All I know, is that academic year brought about great trials and his movie gave me answers to growing enigma of life.


                You had always been one of my heroes. The roles you portrayed were epic and they have given me lessons more than my fingers can’t count nor my mind can’t ponder. I’m currently a College student living life at the arms of education with my eyes on the future – my goals, never losing consciousness that the world will never amount to life unless one will work for it. I know that life is a choice and the choices you make will always make a difference but I also understand that at times life can be race. A tragic epitome of losing the years when you were six and all you cared for was the fact that you can’t understand why bubbles are circles in shape because you always want them shaped like a star. A question neither a yes nor a no can answer.

Lately I’ve been watching your movies and they have been a part of my education in this place called life, I especially loved your movie “3 Idiots” sometimes I see myself as Farhan who is not quite sure if “Engineering” is something he wants to do for the rest of his life and at times I feel like Raju, scared of the future, of failing and of the pressure that this competitive world has imposed too much on my fragile age. Now, I realize I’m both of them combined. I’m 18, I’m in College and I don’t know where I’m going because I’m not sure if I’m in the right place. I’m scared of everything so I become frantic about living and I always view things harder than they are.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this maybe it’s because this next few months will bring me turmoil more than my mind can take and I’m not sure if I can make it out dead or alive, maybe it’s because life has just been so hard on me that I’m taking the time to jot down these thoughts of mine that are sure to be ephemeral. I realize now, that I’m doing this because I want to thank you for teaching me that things will get better no matter how yesterday or tomorrow will be. Thank you for teaching  me to be passionate about the things I love. Life will just take its course with me rowing  through the tides. Raju or Farhan I’m glad that I got to meet Rancho who taught me the simple philosophy of happiness and its premise.

All is Well

Sincerely yours,


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